Much more than just phosphate Fertilizer

Minjingu Organic Hyper Phosphate+ is a high grade and reactive Natural Fertilizer. Unlike chemical phosphate fertilizers that mostly contain only the P element, Minjingu Organic Hyper phosphate+ has many desirable features. It is rich in minerals such as Silica and Calcium, ensures all year round P availability, and encourages beneficial soil microorganism population growth. More productive soil is the result of using Organic phosphate.

Minjingu Organic Hyper Phosphate+ has a quick and slow release P component, which is vital to achieve the maximum harvest. Superphosphate and Rock Phosphate respectively have only a fast or a slow release effect and are ideally used in combination. With Minjingu Organic Hyper phosphate+, farmers can rest assured that crops will always have enough P supply to ensure a maximum harvest.

Minjingu Organic Hyper Phosphate+ is rich in secondary as well as micronutrients. Micronutrients are just as essential as macronutrients (NPK), but are needed in smaller quantities. Calcium gives a liming effect and reduces soil acidity while Silica helps increase plant strengths against pests and diseases.

Minjingu Organic Hyper phosphate+ is also a good soil conditioner. Healthy soil contains more than 250,000 types of microorganisms that encourage the absorption of fertilizers. Long-term exposure to chemical fertilizers prompts farmers to question the reasons for decreases in yearly harvests especially when more and more NPK fertilizers are applied. As a result, many farmers are now paying extra money on organic substances to encourage microorganism growth to maintain soil quality.