In summary, the benefits of using Organic phosphate are as follows:

  • High Phosphorus content
  • Quick and slow release component
  • Citric soluble not water-soluble
  • Guaranteed minimum 50% citric soluble
  • Absorption starts at 4° Celsius
  • Very low fixation rate
  • Very low Cadmium level & other dangerous metals
  • Increases Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and helps microorganisms to reproduce & reduce soil degradation
  • Improves water and nutrient holding capacity
  • Acts as fertilizer and soil conditioner
  • Adds organic matter into the soil
  • Better metabolism of nitrate in plants
  • More phosphorous over the growing period
  • Stronger cell walls and therefore flavor enhancement
  • Resistance to fungi and mould attack
  • More upright stems & open leaves
  • Enhanced photosynthesis
  • More fertile and viable seed production
  • Increase in soil micro fauna
  • Longer shelf life of produce.

Farmers who have introduced Organic phosphate into their farming have realized that to enhance crop quality and production level, it is important to change previous farming methods, by ensuring the use of fertilizer that can restore degraded land and to continue to produce the following:

  1. Water Field Rice Plants
  2. Leaf Vegetables
  3. Fruit Trees
  4. Root Vegetables
  5. Fruit Vegetables etc.

Water Field Rice Plants

  • Fatten the ears of rice
  • Reduced rice acidity due to the reduction in Nitrate Nitrogen
  • Stronger Rice stalks
  • Better taste
  • Increases immunity to pests and diseases and reduced need for agricultural chemicals
  • Stronger roots and better early growth, increased annual crop yields etc.

Leafy Vegetables

  • Better taste due to the reduction of Nitrate Nitrogen
  • Longer shelf life
  • Increased annual crop yields
  • Reduce damage from pests and diseases
  • Increase in sugar content
  • Thicker leaves and better color.
  • Stronger Roots etc.

Fruit Trees

  • Better taste due to the reduction of Nitrate Nitrogen
  • Good fruit yields and crop size consistency
  • Longer shelf life
  • Better color and aroma
  • Increased sugar content and moisture
  • Reduce damage from pests and diseases
  • Increased crop size etc.

Root Vegetables

  • Better taste due to the reduction of nitrate nitrogen
  • Thicker leaves and stalks
  • Longer shelf life and unblemished skin
  • Increased immunity for need to agricultural chemicals
  • Increase in sugar content
  • Reduce damage from nematodes
  • Increase in crop size etc.

Fruit Vegetables

  • Reduce damage from pests and disease
  • Better taste due to the reduction of Nitrate Nitrogen
  • Better color and aroma
  • Thicker and fuller leaves
  • Increase sugar content and better taste
  • Longer shelf life etc.