About Minjingu Mines

Minjingu Mines and Fertilizer Limited ("MMFL") is a company incorporated in Tanzania, located 106 kms southwest of Arusha (along the Arusha-Dodoma highway) in Babati District, Manyara Region with its Head Office in Arusha City, Tanzania. MMFL has its business in Kenya under Minjingu Mines and Fertirizer Kenya Limited.

MMFL mines the Phosphate Rock and carries further processes to transform the rock of Biogenic Origin into Blended Fertilizers.


MMFL’s vision is to be the prominent producer and preferred supplier of all basic Fertilizers in Tanzania and the wider East African region by using the local Phosphate resource available which is of Biogenic and ideal for applications on the acidic soils of East Africa.


The Company's mission is to manufacture high quality Fertilizers which are crop and geographic area specific so that farmers achieve maximum crop yields.

  • Located Beteweeen Tarangire And Manyara National Park
  • On The Banks Of Great Lake Manyara
  • Proximity To The World's Renowned Heritage Site - Ngorongoro Crater

Minjingu Phosphate Deposits

MMFL Insitu phosphate reserve deposits of around 10 Million Metric Tonnes out of which confirmed proven reserve of 5 Million MT. The Minjingu phosphate is one of the rare deposits globally which are of Guano / Organic origin. It is highly reactive in soils and can be used as a Direct Application Fertilizer for achieving the best crop yield to farmers and growers.

  • Minjingu Organic Hyper Phosphate+ Minjingu Organic Hyper Phosphate+ which is of high grade and reactive natural fertilizer is the main source of all MMFL fertilizer blends. Unlike chemical phosphate fertilizers that mostly contain only the P element, Minjingu Organic Hyper phosphate+ has many desirable features. It is rich in minerals such as Silica and Calcium, ensures all year round P availability, and encourages beneficial soil microorganism population growth. Healthy soil contains more than 250,000 types of microorganisms that encourage the absorption of fertilizers. Calcium gives a liming effect and reduces soil acidity while Silica helps increase plant strengths against pests and diseases.
    Minjingu Organic Hyper phosphate+ is also a good soil conditioner. More productive soil is the result of using Organic phosphate. Minjingu Organic Hyper Phosphate+ has a quick and slow release P component, which is vital to achieve the maximum harvest. With Minjingu Organic Hyper phosphate+, farmers can rest assured that crops will always have enough P supply to ensure a maximum harvest.
    A 100% natural fertilizer, Minjingu Organic Hyper Phosphate+ does not react as quickly as the chemical P fertilizers and the rate of fixation is minimal. The higher the fixation rate, the greater amount of P fertilizer required to raise P level in the soil. With chemical P, it is known that 75 – 80% P will not be available for plant’s uptake. Minjingu Organic Hyper phosphate+ helps the absorption of nitrogen thus reducing the amount of undigested nitrogen. Unlike other fertilizers, Minjingu Organic Hyper phosphate+ can fertilize acid, neutral and even slightly alkaline soils.
    Long-term exposure to chemical fertilizers prompts farmers to question the reasons for decreases in yearly harvests especially when more and more NPK fertilizers are applied. As a result, many farmers are now paying extra money on organic substances to encourage microorganism growth to maintain soil quality. Urea used in a very large quantity in farming leads to undigested nitrogen resulting in weaker plants, bad tasting crops and produce that go bad quickly.

Research & Training

  • Improving Productivity For Small Holder Farming Systems
  • Improving Soil Fertility
  • Use Of Techniques In Cropping System
  • Crop Management Efficiency
  • Impart Training
  • Sustainable Agricuture Developement